1/4" Color NTSC/ PAL Digital Image Soc with Overlay Processor


  • NTSC and PAL output.
  • High sensitivity.
  • Low power modes to prolong battery life of portable device.
  • Extremely low dark current for high temperature applications.
  • Very good quality dark light image.


Model No. ACT-1919
Pixel Size and Type 5.6 µm x 5.6 µm active pinned-photodiode with high-sensitivity mode for low-light conditions
Sensore Format 680H x 512V (includes ±2.5 % of rows and columns for lens alignment)
NTSC Output 720H x 480V
PAL Output 720H x 576V
Imaging Area Total array size: 3.584mm x 2.688mm
Optical Format ¼-inch
Frame Rate 50/60 fields/sec
Sensor Scan Mode Progressive scan
Color Filter Array RBG standard bayer
Shutter Type Electronic rolling shutter (ERS)
Automatic Functions Exposure, white balance, black level, offset correction, flicker detection and avoidance, color saturation control, on-the-fly defect correction, and aperture correction
Programmable Controls Exposure, white balance, horizontal and vertical blanking, color, sharpness, gamma correction, lens shading correction, horizontal and vertical image flip, windowing, sampling rates and GPIO control

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