Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

ACT-701 Auto Tracking Camera

What is the difference among ACT-701 A, ACT-701 B and ACT-701 C?

The cameras of ACT-701 A and ACT-701 B are same one, with Audio and night vision, but the connecting cable and accessories are different.
ACT-701 A includes tracking camera, AV cable (RCA jack for Audio, BNC connector for Video) in 20 cm length, Power adapter, 3 pcs of screw, manual.
ACT-701 B includes tracking camera, 20 meters 6p6c phone cable w/modular jack, camera converter, power adapter, AV RCA cable, power adapter, 3 pcs of screw, manual. You don't have to extend the AV cable, as it has 20 meters phone cable, you just connect it to camera converter, and there are ports for camera in, AV out, NO/NC for dvr or any sensors, and Buzzer on/off features on the camera converter.
ACT-701 C includes tracking camera, AV cable ((RCA jack for Audio, BNC connector for Video) in 20 cm length, Power adapter, 3 pcs of screw, 1 pc of blue tack, manual. There is a cover in front of the lens to prevent dust and water droplets. There is no audio and night vision.

What happens when there are several people in the room and each of them is moving, how does the tracking occur?

The tracking camera will scan each movement, by the order of movement.
It could be installed either indoor or outdoor, under the eaves if it is set outdoors.

How far can objects be captured in dark with the Infrared LED?

The range is approximately 12 meters.

For ACT-811 RX, ACT-811 TX Digital Wireless USB Network Camera - NVR

Does this system support video recording?

Yes, It utilises the online video software NVR (Network Video Recorder), this allows simultaneous recording and playback.

In total, how many cameras can be monitored by a single receiver unit?

It can be monitored 4 cameras, quad Screen can be switched, at the same time to watch 4 Channels.

Why are some of the camera and/or screen control not accessible?

Some of the controls can only be accessed when in single screen mode. Also, you'll need to be out of the detection mode in order to access them as well.

Why can I not access the settings and playback?

You need to be out of detection mode in order to access these settings.

I don't have static IP address, can I used DDNS?

This program supports DDNS, but you can still access it through IP address or DNS address.

Why does the viewer not start recording after going into detection mode?

Double check the channel's recording setup. Make sure that the recording options you set are the correct ones. If it's full-time, it should record all the time. If triggered, it will record only when camera detects movement.

When I enabled the web server, I can't preview the image of the camera from other PCs. Why?

Please check if the local area connection has the firewall blocking that particular program and that the IP address is correct.

What does "Cannot connect to following channel(s): CH**" mean?

It means the viewer can not detect the IP camera. It could be caused by a bad network setup, make sure that your network is configured correctly.

What does "Cannot import to the following channel(s): CH**" mean?

It means that another web server is conflicting with another IP address. Double check your IP address assignment on all your network devices.

What does "No buffer space error" and "Virtual RAM insufficient" mean?

It means your computer is running low on resources (typically means that your RAM is insufficient). Upgrading your memory will most likely address this issue. Again, we strongly recommend systems to be equipped with 1 GB of RAM.


What Is Covered?

The warranty is for one year from the date of purchase. During the one-year warranty period, the product is eligible for replacement in case of defects in material and workmanship. In such cases, the defective unit will be repaired or replaced by the manufacturer.

What Is Not Covered?

This warranty does not cover damages caused by improper use or from unauthorized modifications by third parties. In addition, this warranty does not cover expendable materials and defects, which constitute as normal wear and tear.

How To Get Service?

A Returned Merchandise Authorization is required. Please be sure to receive our RMA No. before sending a product for warranty repair, or your shipment will be rejected.


All products are comply with FCC, CE, EC-R&TTE (CE0681O) and ROHS

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